Apr 29, 2011

30 Best Adobe Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials #creativefan.com

Learning Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be a bit of a challenge, even for experienced Photoshop users, because of the new features and functions available in CS5. As the Adobe Suite continues to grow, the products become more and more integrated, and new features are added to take full advantage of the progress in digital image technology.

Dazzling Photoshop Smoke Unicorn Tutorial from Ren Zhang on Vimeo.

Apr 28, 2011

Inspiration for Work Better #02 Amazing Ilustration from Behance.Net

Hi all, glad to be sharing in this blog. Today I will share about an interesting illustration to be seen and might be able to add your inspiration in the work. ok just look below and do not forget to comment... :D

Apr 26, 2011

Before I Die

Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us. This amazing project is started by Candy Chang a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people.

Source: http://dailyinspiration.nl/before-i-die

Apr 21, 2011

36 Beautiful Examples of Tattoo Photography by:designm.ag

I recently read a statistic that intrigued me: Nearly 40% of young people have tattoos. Tattoos have come a long way as far as complexity in the recent years, and have become beautiful ways to showcase your body as a canvas. In this post I will share with you 36 beautiful examples of tattoo’s in photography.

Source: http://designm.ag/inspiration/36-beautiful-examples-of-tattoo-photography/

Kontes Online Desain Stripping Honda Beat

Sekedar indormasi saja bagi kalian yang suka mengikuti kontes online, bermula dari buka twitter dari click link itu click link ini click link yang disana dan sampe click link yang begituan :D hehe (berbelat-belit) akhirnya nemu salah satu website dengan Kontes Online ini dengan judul "Kontes Online Desain Beat" sepertinya ini menarik dan langsung di share lewat blog ini.. Kalau ada yang berminat silahkan menuju tautan ini untuk informasi lebih lengkap: http://www.hai-online.com/strippingyourbeat/home

Note: hadiah 1 Honda Bead untuk pemenangnya

GoOd LUck :D

Apr 20, 2011

Daily Inspiration #801 by: abduzeedo.com

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, just send us, via email, the image with the link from where you found it, also use "Daily Inspiration" in the subject, and don't forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to http://twitter.com/abduzeedo

Source: http://abduzeedo.com/daily-inspiration-801

Apr 18, 2011

40 Innovative Examples Of Pencil vs. Camera Photography by: inspirationfeed.com

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He has attracted much attention to his awesome pencil vs camera works. Ben currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. In College, he studied graphic arts and sculpture.

Resource: http://inspirationfeed.com/2010/09/30-innovative-examples-of-pencil-vs-camera/

Apr 17, 2011

59 Best Flyer Design Illustration Inspiration @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 59 best flyer illustration design for your inspiration. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring designs submitted by designers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Source: http://dzineblog.com/2011/02/59-best-flyer-design-illustration-inspiration.html

Apr 16, 2011

102 Best Corporate Identity Design Inspiration @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 102 best corporate identity design for your inspiration. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring designs submitted by designers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Source: http://dzineblog.com/2011/02/102-best-corporate-identity-design-inspiration.html

Apr 15, 2011

40 Best HDR Car Photos @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 40 Beautiful Car Photos with HDR photography techniques. View books about HDR Photography Technique at Amazon. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring photos submitted by photographers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Apr 14, 2011

Digital Art by Aldo Pulella

This is part of our daily series of posts where I show you a collection of inspiring digital art of one designer, I'll tell you their name, where they're from, I give you a link to their portfolio and of course I share their work with you. If you want a chance to be a digital artist of the day, make sure to have a Behance portfolio and label your work with 'Digital Art'.

Today we show you the work of Aldo Pulella a designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Source: http://dailyinspiration.nl/digital-art-by-aldo-pulella

50 New Examples Of Beautiful Typography Inspiration

As many of you know, typography represents the art and techniques of arranging type, but besides that, typography is a useful channel through which you can communicate powerful ideas thanks to the various type treatments that transform a simple text into an expressive image.

In this article, you will get hit by a serious dose of typography inspiration manifested through posters, editorial design, font showcase and other print projects.

Source: http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/50-new-examples-of-beautiful-typography-inspiration/#more-3216

40+ Beautiful and Fresh Free Fonts for Download

Hopefully, this article can make your search a little bit easier. We have added up 40+ fresh and beautiful free fonts for you to go over. So, whether you design t-shirts, posters, advertisements, web-pages or just looking for some new information in this field, we hope this will come in handy and you will find the font that suits your needs.

Source: http://designmodo.com/40-beautiful-and-fresh-free-fonts-for-download/

Excellent jQuery CSS Animated Navigation Menu Tutorials

The navigation bar in a website is one of the most used sections of a website. You visitors use it in order to go to order sections and come back to the home page. This is why you have to make sure for the navigation menu to be easy to use and not confusing for your visitors. The second thing you would have to go over in navigation menus is their design.

Source: http://designmodo.com/excellent-jquery-css-animated-navigation-menu-tutorials/#ixzz1JYJ3zi00

Apr 12, 2011

15 Creative and Beautiful Advertisements

As we’ve showed you in previous posts, advertisements can be a beautiful and effect tool. In today’s post we will be sharing with you 15 creative and beautiful advertisements that will be sure to inspire.

Apr 10, 2011

38 Fresh Illustrator Tutorials From 2011

In this post we have compiled 34 fresh and awesome illustrator tutorials from 2011. Enjoy!!

Source: http://dzineblog.com/2011/04/38-fresh-illustrator-tutorials-from-2011.html

Unique 10-bedroom Combination Bali Holiday Rental Villa

Villa Massilia, the complex (Villa 1 + Villa 2 + Villa 3) located in central Seminyak, 15 minutes walk to the famous Kudeta beach restaurants and Seminyak beach has to offer.

more information visit: Villa Massilia Bali

30 Free High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designer

It’s always fun to experiment different techniques and learn how to work with various aspects of Adobe Photoshop to spice up boring text or pictures and make them into works of arts and masterpieces. Today we’ve got you a brilliant set of more than 50 high quality Photoshop PSD files to offer an assortment of techniques for making your next photoshop effect.

Resource: http://www.themeflash.com/30-free-high-quality-photoshop-psd-files-for-designer/

Apr 9, 2011

30+ Stunning Pencil Drawing Artwork

I was always wondering why we still see black and white artwork and photography in the age of millions of colors and HD technologies. I tried to answer this question based on my love to black and white photography and apply the answer to any black and white art. The black and white artwork takes you beyond the shapes and colors to give you dramatic effect using shadows even more than lines.

Source: http://www.graphicmania.net/30-stunning-pencil-drawing-artwork/

Apr 5, 2011

22 Best Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Typography means a lot in any medium kind of presentation. Whether it’s a logo, banner or just a title; being able to inject creativity into it not only help in delivering the message across, it also leaves solid impression on the viewer. Good typography design is not easy, or should I say getting the type match and speaks for the product is often a very challenging job.

Here are some of the best Photoshop text effects tutorials on the web, and as usual it’s the creativity that counts. Full content after jump.

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/22-best-photoshop-text-effect-tutorials/

Newly Designed Innovative Print Media Advertisement For Your Inspiration

Today I have listed Newly Designed Innovative Print Media Advertisement For Your Inspiration. You will perceive here exciting and incredible examples of ajero, magi, pajero, curso, piaf and creative advertisements, print media, and advertisement from brilliant designers all around the world for your design inspirations. I hope so, that this collection will be productive for your design effort someplace.

Source: http://www.kitaro10.com/inspiration/newly-designed-innovative-print-media-advertisement-for-your-inspiration/

Apr 3, 2011

20 FREE HTML5 TEMPLATES - denbagus.net

Nowadays, HTML5 is changing the web trends. It is the latest update version of HTML. Animation made in HTML5 faster and gives very good results, it makes many people say that it is better than flash. In this post, i wanna share ten best templates that made in HTML5.

source: http://www.denbagus.net/free-html5-template?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

Apr 1, 2011

New Manga Chapter: Blast - Bahasa Indonesia

Please click on the link below:

40 Creative & Stylish Resume(CV) Designs for Inspiration

A Resume (CV) is a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience and education for specific employment search. A resume (CV) can either make or break your application as a potential employee. This flimsy one-page document is more important than many people think: the resume is the first portfolio piece that potential employers see, and if they’re not impressed, chances are they won’t look at the rest of your portfolio. The first thing you should do before making your Resume is that you should look 30-40 creative Resumes as a source of inspiration. Make sure do give give enough time to make creative Resume because its really important for your job hunt. So here, I have gathered some really nice and creative Resume(CV) designs for your inspiration. I hope it may help you in making your own Resume.

source: http://www.hybridlava.com/inspiration/40-creative-stylish-resumecv-designs-for-inspiration/