Oct 25, 2011

2011 Graphic Designer Survey: For the Brilliant Minds Behind the Graphics

When a young friend, a Photoshop genius, announced during supper that he wanted to pursue a career in graphic design, his old man almost choked on boneless chicken before downing a glass of strawberry milkshake, his mom patted his shoulder and recited the names of famous artists who killed themselves, and his little sister cried.

Apparently, some people don’t know much about graphic designers. Considering that our skills are being sought after by major corporations in every industry, it certainly is a head-scratcher. What’s even more surprising is that some graphic designers aren’t aware of current trends. How much is the average designer earning? What programs or tools do they use? Is blogging necessary, or is uploading a portfolio enough? What exactly do designers do for a living? Oh, we bet there are tons of questions bothering graphic designers and the general public alike. So we’ve come up with the perfect solution.

We’re hosting the 2011 Graphic Designer Survey. Our aim is to keep everyone updated with the latest graphic design practices, trends and technology by collecting relevant data from who else but actual designers like you. We’ll be asking a few questions about your graphic design practices, your preferences and a few basic things about your profession. Your answers will in turn be used as a vital part of our timely study.

As an incentive, everyone who takes part will have a chance to win a Macbook Pro. So don’t waste any time! Click on the link below and start answering the survey!

Sep 14, 2011

Convert 1stDelicious Portfolio Layout From PSD to HTML [Very Detailed]

View Original Tutorial: Convert 1stDelicious Portfolio Layout From PSD to HTML [Very Detailed]:

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60 Beautiful & Stunning Examples of Silhouette Photography on Deviantart

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8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

Photography seems easy at first glance. You simply make your frame and press the shutter button. The reality is, everyone can take a photo but not all can master it. There’s more to photography than just simply “point and shoot.” Photography is a skill only a handful have the patience and the passion to stick with.

Photography students and enthusiasts must educate themselves with many technical terms such as aperture, shutter speed, focus and exposure. You’ve probably read enough about that elsewhere, so how about a few photography effects? In this post I will share some photography tips and effects. They can enhance the beauty of your photos and they can be very fun to do, too.

Sep 5, 2011

Inspirational Workspace: 60 Awesome Setups

We spend most of the day in front of our computers. This is where all the works get done, e-mails get taken care of, and social relationship be made. The truth is that computer has become a staple for nearly every aspect of modern lifestyle, and now people are even adopting multiple devices for higher work proficiencies.

view original post: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/inspirational-workspace-creative-setups/#more-10342

Aug 25, 2011

Remarkable Anti-Smoking Advertising Campaigns – 53 Examples

In this article there are 53 examples of print ads from anti-smoking advertising campaigns as well as unofficial ads or flyers created by designers to increase awareness regarding the disadvantages of being a smoker.

Aug 23, 2011

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory

While many of us can create something that looks good in Photoshop or attractive when spliced into CSS, but do we actually understand the design theory behind what we create? Theory is the missing link for many un-trained but otherwise talented designers. Here are 50 excellent graphic design theory lessons to help you understand the ‘Whys’, not just the ‘Hows’.

Source: http://psd.tutsplus.com/articles/web/50-totally-free-lessons-in-graphic-design-theory/

Aug 3, 2011

40 Absolutely Brilliant Billboard Ads!

How many billboards did you take a look during your walk or driving in your life? I’m sorry that I can’t remember many of them, but I sincerely believe that it’s not my problem, as the billboard itself should be great enough to attract me!

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/brilliant-creative-billboard-advertisements/

Jul 31, 2011

Coalition Far Enough by: Pramana Kusuma - behance.net

Visit other Artwork http://www.behance.net/rethname

3d maker and artist impression

Eben very happy with your visit and Eben expressed his gratitude for the visits to the web 3d maker and artist impressions. Eben who work individually as well as a maker 3d artist impressions have experience in the field of 3d and impressions for 10 years.

for more information visit: http://eben-3d.com/

Jul 30, 2011

50 Fascinating Illustration Designs and Photo Manipulations

We love sharing top notch works of creatives! This is a talented packed bundle of incredible illustrations, photo manipulations, and graphic designs. The collection took us some time to develop, assuring only quality work for your eyes! Prior to this collection (the reason this was made) we published 50 Outstanding Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration. Judging on its powerful success and activity we decided to continue this as another frequent series of posts. We hope that from this collection you will gain great inspiration and energy, that will go into your next project!

source: http://inspirationfeed.com/2011/06/50-fascinating-illustration-designs-and-photo-manipulations/

Jul 12, 2011

Daily Inspiration #126 from Shadowness

Today's daily inspiration is a selection of very talented artists. Each piece that we've selected is here to help inspire you! We hope you are inspired to create and to enjoy the glory of our selected artwork! If you wish to suggest an artwork that inspires YOU

Source: http://shadowness.com/dailyinspiration/forum/daily-inspiration-126

Jul 8, 2011

Useful Photoshop Lighting Effect Tutorials

Finding out some help when you indeed need it sometimes can be extremely painful, particularly if you have something in your mind and you’re not able to bring it into practice. This is where tutorials step in and take control. Mostly designers search for Photoshop tutorials because Photoshop is the most amazing designing tool that allows designers to make their imagination come true.

Here we have compiled a collection of extremely amazing and most-wanted Photoshop Tutorials every designer must go through with. This collection is based on Photoshop Lighting effect Tutorials that can be used in the variety of design related tasks.

Source: http://www.webdesigncore.com/2011/06/09/useful-photoshop-lighting-effect-tutorials/

Villa Sandy - Canggu "Small But Comfortable to Live In"

Another brand new 3 bedroom luxury villa located in Canggu Bali and minutes walk to the famous Echo Beach.

In each bedroom at Villa Sandy, the guests are provided with three spacious bedrooms, air conditioned, en-suite bathroom, bathtub, shower, and chicly-designed wardrobe made from trendy-looking woods. Villa Sandy is a stylish addition to the villas of Bali...

Jul 6, 2011

Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

So today we’re going to showcase animated GIF artwork but there are not the regular GIF we use on websites. These are beautiful twist from somehow nasty animated Gif artworks with the use of high quality photos from modern photography, and the pioneer, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg called it

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/cinemagraph/

Amazing Self Portraits You Should See

The Self-portrait can be with a lot of expression and fun taken in front of mirror or with the help of tripod. To bring a cool looking self portraits you need a perfect camera, theme, good environment with cool background and even a single flash can do wonders on self-portraits. For good practice you can use both auto and manual focus.

Source: http://blog.pokkisam.com/content/amazing-self-portraits-you-should-see

18 Free Comic fonts

After long time of busy time am back with 18 free comic fonts I like Komika axis it’s amazing font and free but do not forget the author license!

Source: http://mameara.com/archives/2611

75 Best XHTML/CSS Websites In The Month of July-2011

Today we present Best XHTML/CSS websites in the month of July-2011 for inspiration. I looked at over thousands of really inspirational website designs today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 75 best XHTML/CSS websites for design inspiration for designers from around the web.

Source: http://graphicdesignjunction.com/2011/07/75-best-xhtmlcss-websites-in-the-month-of-july-2011/

Jul 1, 2011

My Favorite Article From "YOUTHEDESIGNER.COM" For Inspiration, Tutorial & Resource

Today I'll share of blogs that often give me inspiration that is youthedesigner.com. do not need a long straight course towards the link below :D

Jun 26, 2011

Weekly Inspiration 001 - Amazing Artworks From Great Blog

This post is part of our weekly series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the writers. Enjoy!!!!!

Jun 15, 2011

40 Highly Glamorous fashion portraits to blow your mind

Shooting glamour photography can be like shooting traditional portraits with traditional lighting setups. However, modifying the standard approach to portraits can add more life and interest to your shot. And when it comes to shooting glamour, rules are actually guidelines… the most interesting glamour shots out there in the real world are taken by photographers who have veered from the “rules” to come up with their own bag of tricks for shooting. This lesson will show you a couple of simple modifications you can make to a standard portrait lighting setup to enhance the appeal of your images to help you come up with some good ideas of your own.

Source: http://www.lava360.com/inspiration/40-highly-glamorous-fashion-portraits-to-blow-your-mind/

Magical Photomanipulations with Stunning Vaporization & Decay effects

Photography interprets imagination in tangible form and Photoshop adds wings to your creativity. Both techniques are unparalleled and complete on its own. But when Photography is blended with Photoshop it creates even more mesmerizing results. Photo manipulation is the application term for image editing techniques for photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.

Source: http://www.lava360.com/artwork/magical-photomanipulations-with-stunning-vaporization-decay-effects/

60+ Beautiful Examples of Self-Portrait photography

For thousands of years, artists have used self-portraiture as a means of perfecting their technique. From ancient cavemen, to the classical masters, to Salvador Dali in the 20th century, artists have looked to self-portraiture not only to discover new aspects of their artform, but also as a means of self-discovery. Self-portrait is the artist’s most personal form of expression. It is the ultimate means of self-analysis, presenting an opportunity for self-reflection, self-expression and self-promotion. Taking on self portrait photography can be a great way to improve your skills, and practice the trade when you feel uninspired, don’t have an available model or an interesting subject. You can work yourself into poses that are just plain crazy, convey all kinds of emotions, dress up or dress down, go into the woods or just look out through the window of your living room.

Source: http://www.lava360.com/graphics/60-beautiful-examples-of-self-portrait-photography/

17 High Quality yet Free and Fresh Fonts for Designers

You know font is a must for web and graphic designers and of course like every designer we also check for new and fresh fonts and we definitely find new fonts every week.
Today we collect fresh fonts which are all free for personal use,however,please check their licenses for commercial use.

Source: http://designbeep.com/2011/06/14/17-high-quality-yet-free-and-fresh-fonts-for-designers/

May 31, 2011

50 More Breathtaking 3d Street Art (Paintings)

3d Street Art paintings have been around since the sixteenth century when Italian Renaissance Madonnari and French trompe l’oeil (French for ‘deceive the eye’) painters created stunning murals to decorate the interior walls of luxurious villas. 3d art can also trace it’s routes further back to ancient Greek days when painter Zeuxius (born around 464BC) painted a still life painting so convincing that birds flew down from the sky to peck at the painted grapes. The magic of 3d is created by painting a 2d picture and viewing it from a specific angle to capture the right perspective.

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/

30 Time Saving Photoshop Actions

In this post we are featuring 30 useful time saving photoshop actions for photographers. If you like these photoshop actions you might also want to check out some of our previous posts below. Enjoy!

Source: http://designm.ag/resources/30-time-saving-photoshop-actions/

34 Awesome Poster Designs

In this post we have put together some awesome poster designs for your inspiration. If you like these poster designs you might also want to check out some of our previous posts below. Enjoy!

Source: http://designm.ag/inspiration/34-awesome-poster-designs/

May 24, 2011

40+ Amazing Examples of Vector Artwork #ozoneeleven.com

Vector artwork takes a great deal of talent to produce to a good standard. The best works often demonstrate a huge attention to detail, as well as a keen focus on lighting and surface gradients.
Some pieces of vector artwork stand out even more, simply by having that ‘wow’ factor. I’ve trawled the web looking for these types of artwork to help inspire you. Along the way I found many works that whilst well made, lacked this extra ’something’. Therefore I bring you, what I deemed to be the most inspiring, amazing works of vector artwork! Enjoy.

Source: http://www.ozoneeleven.com/artwork/40-amazing-examples-of-vector-artwork/

May 23, 2011

Moleskines: 7 Tips and Incredible Inspiration

Moleskines are used by almost every designer around the world to either build up a full book collage or sketch out client projects/ideas or just make lists of something. Moleskines have grown in popularity over the last few years with more and more products on the market. The demand on moleskines also soared over the last 2-3 years as people have noticed carrying around a A4 sketch book isn’t cool anymore. I suppose every designer/person has their own opinion of the use of moleskines, but that is a discussion for a totally different article. In this article I want to discuss some tips for using a moleskine to its full potential and then showcase some inspiring moleskines that will make you crave to start drawing.

Source: http://creativeoverflow.net/

May 17, 2011

38 Inspiring Vexel Artworks & Tutorials #vectordiary.com

“Vexel” is a combination of the words vector and pixel, and it is used to describe a style of digital art which is entirely pixel-based, but looks like vector art. Vector uses mathematical equations to create lines and shapes in image whereas vexels are raster works in pixels.
Vexels can be created using any graphic programme like Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Freehand, Illustrator etc. or the combination of one or more. Vexels are quite flexible to create and there are various methods of creating vexel art but the overall process is to stack shapes of a certain shape and color to create a whole image using multiple layers, one can also use gradients, paintbrushes, airbrushes or any freehand tool like pencil to give it a desired and unique appearance. What makes vexel arts so amazing is that each piece takes hours to complete which requires patience, hard work and talent.
Below you will find some amazing vexel arts for your inspiration and some excellent tutorials to get you started vexel art.

100 Amazing Anime/Manga Digital Art #coolvibe.com

We’ve collected 100 amazing digital Anime, Manga & portrait art from some of web’s most talented artists! Many are wallpaper sized. Enjoy…

Source: http://coolvibe.com/2010/100-amazing-anime-manga-digital-art/

100 Inspirational Digital Art Wallpapers #coolvibe.com

Over 100 wallpaper sized digital art images for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Wallpapers include anime, sci-fi, space, fantasy, concept, surreal, video games and more. Enjoy!

Source: http://coolvibe.com/2011/100-inspirational-digital-art-wallpapers/

May 11, 2011

40 Remarkable Band Based Album Cover Designs #inspirationfeed.com

Music is everything, without music life would be strangely different. Music motivates, and inspires people all over the world. Being a huge part of our media intake, music is almost a need rather than a want. Yes we all have different taste in music, often arguing about whom or what is better.  However when it comes down to it, we can all agree that music is awesome!

View original post: http://inspirationfeed.com/2011/05/40-remarkable-band-based-album-cover-designs/

May 10, 2011

25+ Refreshing Flash Website Designs in Green colour #modny73.com

Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Good Flash-sites do not require too much bandwidth, load fast and allow for a smooth interaction; besides, beautiful Flash-based sites are Photoshop masterpieces, transporting some kind of reality and fantasy to the Flash movie. It’s quite eco-chic these days to go a bit green at graphic design so that you could enhance the well-being of other people through your product or service. So, why not show a little love for the earth in Flash sites and let the eco spirit do that work for the mankind. We’ve compiled a showcase of fresh, green, and environmentally sustainable Flash website design. You will be thrilled by it.

View original post: http://www.modny73.com

80 Absolutely Beautiful Video Game Wallpapers #hongkiat.com

From the earliest video game such as Pong in 1972 to the recently released Halo Wars released this year, the video game industry has progressed rapidly in terms of graphics, interactivity and the likes. Today, computer video games are no longer limited to the young and tech savvy generation. People of all ages are coming to appreciate the entertainment value and appeal of a variety of video games ranging from platform to action adventure games.

View original post: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/

IPad Wallpapers For Video Gamers #hongkiat.com

If you own an iPad, you’ve most likely experimented with its many features. One of the great features is the ability to customize and personalize your iPad to reflect your personality which can be done by selecting a wallpaper that reflects who you are.

View original post: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/

May 3, 2011

Beautiful Digital Illustration Art by I Chen Lin – I.D. 43

I Chen Lin is a multi tasking illustrator who has shown his potentialities for many times. His works speaks for him. In painting style he blend cartoon and realistic style and let the work bring an eastern color, present mysterious and colorful effect. Check out some of his beautiful work.

Visit original articles: http://www.slodive.com/inspiration/

Creative Brainstorming: 50 Examples of The Logo Design Process

Everyone knows how important a logo is to your identity and brand. Every business, online and offline, requires a logo. A logo represents your company and products to potential customers.

Visit original articles # http://www.noupe.com/

Apr 29, 2011

30 Best Adobe Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials #creativefan.com

Learning Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be a bit of a challenge, even for experienced Photoshop users, because of the new features and functions available in CS5. As the Adobe Suite continues to grow, the products become more and more integrated, and new features are added to take full advantage of the progress in digital image technology.

Dazzling Photoshop Smoke Unicorn Tutorial from Ren Zhang on Vimeo.

Apr 28, 2011

Inspiration for Work Better #02 Amazing Ilustration from Behance.Net

Hi all, glad to be sharing in this blog. Today I will share about an interesting illustration to be seen and might be able to add your inspiration in the work. ok just look below and do not forget to comment... :D

Apr 26, 2011

Before I Die

Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us. This amazing project is started by Candy Chang a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people.

Source: http://dailyinspiration.nl/before-i-die

Apr 21, 2011

36 Beautiful Examples of Tattoo Photography by:designm.ag

I recently read a statistic that intrigued me: Nearly 40% of young people have tattoos. Tattoos have come a long way as far as complexity in the recent years, and have become beautiful ways to showcase your body as a canvas. In this post I will share with you 36 beautiful examples of tattoo’s in photography.

Source: http://designm.ag/inspiration/36-beautiful-examples-of-tattoo-photography/

Kontes Online Desain Stripping Honda Beat

Sekedar indormasi saja bagi kalian yang suka mengikuti kontes online, bermula dari buka twitter dari click link itu click link ini click link yang disana dan sampe click link yang begituan :D hehe (berbelat-belit) akhirnya nemu salah satu website dengan Kontes Online ini dengan judul "Kontes Online Desain Beat" sepertinya ini menarik dan langsung di share lewat blog ini.. Kalau ada yang berminat silahkan menuju tautan ini untuk informasi lebih lengkap: http://www.hai-online.com/strippingyourbeat/home

Note: hadiah 1 Honda Bead untuk pemenangnya

GoOd LUck :D

Apr 20, 2011

Daily Inspiration #801 by: abduzeedo.com

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, just send us, via email, the image with the link from where you found it, also use "Daily Inspiration" in the subject, and don't forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to http://twitter.com/abduzeedo

Source: http://abduzeedo.com/daily-inspiration-801

Apr 18, 2011

40 Innovative Examples Of Pencil vs. Camera Photography by: inspirationfeed.com

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. He has attracted much attention to his awesome pencil vs camera works. Ben currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. In College, he studied graphic arts and sculpture.

Resource: http://inspirationfeed.com/2010/09/30-innovative-examples-of-pencil-vs-camera/

Apr 17, 2011

59 Best Flyer Design Illustration Inspiration @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 59 best flyer illustration design for your inspiration. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring designs submitted by designers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Source: http://dzineblog.com/2011/02/59-best-flyer-design-illustration-inspiration.html

Apr 16, 2011

102 Best Corporate Identity Design Inspiration @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 102 best corporate identity design for your inspiration. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring designs submitted by designers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Source: http://dzineblog.com/2011/02/102-best-corporate-identity-design-inspiration.html

Apr 15, 2011

40 Best HDR Car Photos @dzineblog.com

Today I would like to share 40 Beautiful Car Photos with HDR photography techniques. View books about HDR Photography Technique at Amazon. This post is to inspire you (and me) with the fresh inspiring photos submitted by photographers worldwide. If you would like to share your work and being published on DzineBlog.com, feel free to email us at mywork@dzineblog.com. I may publish your work here. Enjoy!

Apr 14, 2011

Digital Art by Aldo Pulella

This is part of our daily series of posts where I show you a collection of inspiring digital art of one designer, I'll tell you their name, where they're from, I give you a link to their portfolio and of course I share their work with you. If you want a chance to be a digital artist of the day, make sure to have a Behance portfolio and label your work with 'Digital Art'.

Today we show you the work of Aldo Pulella a designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Source: http://dailyinspiration.nl/digital-art-by-aldo-pulella

50 New Examples Of Beautiful Typography Inspiration

As many of you know, typography represents the art and techniques of arranging type, but besides that, typography is a useful channel through which you can communicate powerful ideas thanks to the various type treatments that transform a simple text into an expressive image.

In this article, you will get hit by a serious dose of typography inspiration manifested through posters, editorial design, font showcase and other print projects.

Source: http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/50-new-examples-of-beautiful-typography-inspiration/#more-3216

40+ Beautiful and Fresh Free Fonts for Download

Hopefully, this article can make your search a little bit easier. We have added up 40+ fresh and beautiful free fonts for you to go over. So, whether you design t-shirts, posters, advertisements, web-pages or just looking for some new information in this field, we hope this will come in handy and you will find the font that suits your needs.

Source: http://designmodo.com/40-beautiful-and-fresh-free-fonts-for-download/