Oct 25, 2011

2011 Graphic Designer Survey: For the Brilliant Minds Behind the Graphics

When a young friend, a Photoshop genius, announced during supper that he wanted to pursue a career in graphic design, his old man almost choked on boneless chicken before downing a glass of strawberry milkshake, his mom patted his shoulder and recited the names of famous artists who killed themselves, and his little sister cried.

Apparently, some people don’t know much about graphic designers. Considering that our skills are being sought after by major corporations in every industry, it certainly is a head-scratcher. What’s even more surprising is that some graphic designers aren’t aware of current trends. How much is the average designer earning? What programs or tools do they use? Is blogging necessary, or is uploading a portfolio enough? What exactly do designers do for a living? Oh, we bet there are tons of questions bothering graphic designers and the general public alike. So we’ve come up with the perfect solution.

We’re hosting the 2011 Graphic Designer Survey. Our aim is to keep everyone updated with the latest graphic design practices, trends and technology by collecting relevant data from who else but actual designers like you. We’ll be asking a few questions about your graphic design practices, your preferences and a few basic things about your profession. Your answers will in turn be used as a vital part of our timely study.

As an incentive, everyone who takes part will have a chance to win a Macbook Pro. So don’t waste any time! Click on the link below and start answering the survey!

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